February 5, 2016

An afternoon Soiree to remember ...

Good day my Lovelies and welcome.

On Saturday afternoon, February 1, 2016, under the Mexican sun, the last Soiree was held at Quinta de la Luz.  As I have already said in a previous post, it was indeed magical.  Surrounded by dear friends and lots of love, the hours slipped away like quick silver through my fingers.  I adored every moment.

Ronald James Van Dyke, was gracious and took the photos for me.  Thanks so much again, Ron. I now have sorted through all 122 of them.  Don't panic, ... I'll just show you a few so you can get a feel for the wonderful energy which existed within these courtyard walls. 
 My beloved Quinta de la Luz

 Welcome to my world.  :o)

Salvador played and sang beautiful Spanish music.

Here's to a wonderful Soiree, fantastic friends, and never ending memories.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Wish you could have joined us.  It certainly was one of those moments to hold dear forever.
“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”
~ Jim Morrison


  1. I loved looking at all your photos and posts from Mexico. Your last soriee looked fabulous but it must be so hard for you to have to leave here. How beautiful it is and I love all the rich colors. And your so lucky to have so many friends. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  2. Wonderful photos, full of friends, music, sunshine and laughter, to take with you and remind you of this wonderful episode in your house of light. Thanks for sharing Donna, hold tight to your wonderful memories. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Times you will never forget Donna and thank you for sharing them

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. What a beautiful evening. Your heart must be overflowing with love and happiness to carry you forward into your new life and home :D XXX

  5. What a beautiful world you have there with wonderful friends and colors and sunshine and art and so much more surrounding you with L♥ve!
    Thank you for taking us along for a peek into this magical and memorable time dear Donna.

  6. Thanks for sharing both a happy and sad day Donna - such wonderful photos and precious memories to cherish.
    Gill x

  7. Donna, you look so happy as do your friends on this truly wonderful day. It was magical and just what you needed to kick start a new adventure in Canada.

  8. What a wonderful day - you will remember it forever!
    oxo Susi

  9. Magical, Donna. It's as if everything you touch turns to magic and color. Just so will it be in your new home. You carry the wand with you, inside you. And in doing so, you touch all our lives.