February 20, 2016

Keep forgetting my Camera!

Hello my Lovelies.  Nice to see you here.

For whatever reason, during these last precious days in SMA, I keep forgetting to use my camera!  Silly me.

The day after closing I woke up feeling dreadful, and it got worse.  By night time I had a high fever and felt I didn't want to stay alone.  Have to be feeling pretty rotten to to want someone with me.  So .... I called one of my Mexican Family, Lizette, and she came over and stayed the night which was very comforting.  In the morning, she cooked a lovely breakfast, bacon, eggs, fruit, fresh juice.  I managed some dry toast.  HA!  Thought I was feeling better today, however now I am experiencing a return of the symptoms - although in a very mild way - so I think I'm on the mend.

Today, Karina came and gave me a mani/pedi.  I must say, I shall miss people coming to the house.  It's so very convenient.  Karina also cuts my hair.

This afternoon, Kathleen and Ivan arrived.  I had made guacamole which we enjoyed then ordered a vege pizza which was delicious.  Along with some champagne, red wine and company from the neighbours a lovely afternoon was had by all.
Thanks for dropping by.  Hope your days a long and pleasant.
“Let me just pause a minute and drink in this moment."


  1. Glad you had such a great time with your friends, and that your helper did your nails so well. Keep feeling better and better and better and enjoy the next few days, hugs, Valerie

  2. Nice to have people who pop in when you feel down and that they do things that make you feel so much better.

    Hope you have a good day today

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. You've been on a quick pace with lots to do lately- sounds as if your body said to slow down. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. It can't be much fun being alone when you're ill. It's good that you have so many visitors near to hand. I wish someone would come to my house to cut my hair and do my nails. I'd think I'd won the lottery if that happened.
    Take care and keep on the mend. Take it easy too... otherwise you'll be back where you started. xoxo

  5. Good morning, Donna. Today you should feel a lot better. The body seems to hold together during stressful days and then it reacts. At least that is how it works for me. Relax and enjoy each beautiful day and you will soon feel like a million dollars. How fortunate to enjoy the services offered in SMA at home. Yes, you will miss it.
    Safe travel and take care of yourself.

  6. Hope you feel much better in the meantime Donna! Keep care!