February 4, 2016

Poetry Reading Afternoon in San Miguel

Greetings all my Lovelies.  So nice to see you here.

We spent a wonderful, lazy, relaxed afternoon in my living room chatting, eating, drinking, and sharing our writing.  We try to get together to do this once a year and it's always most enjoyable and enlightening.

I don't have any photos of us actually "reading", however do have some shots of us simply enjoying the afternoon.  It slipped by quickly.

Kathleen was not able to be with us and we missed her.  Ivan shared some of her writing with us.
Unfortunately, Jennifer has experienced painful losses, which are still very raw.  She has written the most beautiful poem called "On Loss" which I would like to share with you.  I think we can all, in some way, relate.
"On Loss"
by Jennifer Louden
It is a feeling
Before you are fully awake
Before you know the line between this world and the next
Before there is truth and fiction
Up and down
Right and left
Even before all this
You know loss
A small dark pit
Tells you
Something is wrong
Is missing
Is forever changed
That you
Are forever changed
Before you are fully you
Before open eyes
Before coffee
Before a smile
Loss is there
Fully realized
Blazed in glory
Owning your soul
Your willingness be damned

It has its own life
It's own power
It sneaks in on
The wings of a bird you were admiring
Now blurred
It weasels through the subtext
Of that simple movie
You thought would distract you
It hovers and hums
And creates a pitch of doubt
A pallor of uncertainty
When you try to push forward

Loss is human complexity at its best
It is in you
It always will be
It defines you
You defy it
You pull
It tugs
You must move forward
You must move away
It follows
And follows
And drags
And curses
And so on

Until the day
You realize
That there is truth in it
That it must come with you
That it belongs in your soul
That it is part of you that cannot be left behind
That must be carried forward
You start to negotiate
To make peace
To drawn an armistice
That reduces the weight of the chain
Of the ball
Of the darkness in your soul

You agree it can always come where you go
But come slowly, smally
Not quietly, not always peacefully, but
That is the truce
That is loss
This is living with loss
You make it your own
And the birds fly
And the choirs can sing
And you can step
To a future
That is bigger
Than the pit you woke up in

 Edye and David

 Ivan and Jennifer

Ivan and Jennifer

Ivan and David


Jennifer, me and Edye

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. 
~Anaïs Nin


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time together, giving you more happy memories to take with you. Jennifer's poetry is beautiful, and very touching; sad, but with hope at the end, and that's good. Loved the photos of you all enjoying yourselves in your house of light, colour and poetry. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Dear Dorothy ~ Jennifer's poem beautifully touches on what each of us will encounter if we live long enough. So powerful!!!
    I admire her for finding words as I fumble for words...
    Grief and loss definitely shape us.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post of friendship and healing with the perfect Anaïs Nin quote too.
    What a colorful and happy gathering...so nice to see you and your friends.

    1. Donna ♥ Donna ♥ Donna
      my dear Donna ♥
      I was very moved by your post
      so much so I came back to read it again
      and what to my dismay...I typed the wrong name.
      I definitely was fumbling oxo

  3. Another beautiful day with friends. The poem should be published as it is so true and comforting and would be appreciated by many. You look happy and I was sorry Kathleen was unable to be with you. Ivan appears in good health and I hope stays well. Make each day special, Donna.

  4. Seems you had a wonderful gathering -
    so good that you can meet up again with your lovely friends Donna!
    A beautiful poem - sad but not too sad!
    It gives hope for healing!
    Enjoy your days in your paradise!

  5. Thanks to Jennifer for her very moving and eloquent poem and thanks to you for your beautiful post and photos. You take me right there into your warm, brilliantly hued home. And I've no doubt you'll take all that warmth, color and love into your new home.

  6. Jennifer's poem expresses so beautifully. Wishing her, and all of you, well. Such a comforting gathering, and you back in place in your lovely home.

  7. Thank you for sharing your special day and the beautiful poem.

    Love Chrissie xx