February 2, 2016

The Last Soiree

Hello my Lovelies.  Hope all is well with you today.

Yesterday, in my heart, I said farewell to my home, Quinta de la Luz (House of the Light) in San Miguel de Allende.  The sky was filled with the incredible blue I have come to associate with this part of the world.  Not even a cloud dared to come near.  The sun shone warmly upon us, the wind blew very softly, only to keep us cool, and even in my imagination, the day could not have been more perfect.

I'm sure I feel much better today, simply because I was hugged and hugged and hugged yesterday.  About twenty six of my dear friends gathered in the courtyard, roaming through the house, the studio, the terraces, settling here and there to chat .. then moving on to enjoy other guests company.  The food my friend Delani prepared and served and superb, the wine and juice from the hibiscus blossoms, delicious, the Spanish guitar music Salvador played on this guitar absolutely divine.  

And so, the day passed quickly.  It has been my tradition to hold a Soiree in the garden each year I have been here.  They have all been exquisite.  This one, however, will stay with me in my heart as I make the transition to the next chapter of my story.  Ron took hundreds of photographs, which makes me so happy.  I will have a wonderful records of the last gathering.  They should be ready in a couple of days when I will share them with all of you.

For now, I am basking in the light of yesterday.  Remembering each conversation, each hug, each beautiful wish from my friends for health and happiness.  Memories I will carry in my heart forever.
I have a meeting with my mover and shipper this morning.  Things will begin to get busy now.  In the meantime, some friends are coming over for a poetry reading in the  afternoon on Wednesday.  We all write, and share our poetry with each other, eat some lovely food and drink a little wine.  Another beautiful afternoon to look forward to.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  There should be photos in a couple of days.  They will be fun to see and I will share them immediately.  :o)

Take care my Lovelies.  Enjoy each fleeting moment.  

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
Anais Nin, The Diary of Anais Nin


  1. I count your friendship as one of my dearest blessings Donna. I loved your thank you letter with that wonderful envelope. I look forward to all of your pictures. Hold tight to all those hugs and love that your received - keep them in your heart and know that they too have the power to heal. I just wish I could be a bigger part of your life ... who knows, I just might be able to visit you one day. I would dearly love to go to Vancouver Island. It too, is a beautiful part of the world. You are my secret self that I wish I could unleash.
    Sandy xx

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy your soiree with all your friends, and that you will have a store of memories to tide you through the time of transition and remind you of your wonderful time in San Miguel! BIG hugs, Valerie

  3. Sounds fabulous! I am happy with you Donna!
    Enjoy your poetry meeting tomorrow and good luck for all - hope the move will run perfect - finger crossed!
    I am looking forward to the photos of the Soiree!


  4. I'm full of admiration, Donna, for your passion, the way you live brightly in the present, and the way you choose to perceive things. I'm happy that you had so many hugs. I hope there are lots more before you leave.

  5. How marvelous! I am thrilled you had such a fantastic time with your friends in San Miguel. It will be something to treasure forever, and I can't wait to view some of the photos. Enjoy each day; I hope the move is easy and you don't have to wear yourself out.

  6. I hope the wonderful memories of your Soirée sustain you for a long time while you make the move from your beloved San Miguel to your new life, new friends, lots of fun and new adventures.

  7. A wonderful post with so much emotion. I am sure where ever you go or whatever you do your life with be rich and full.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. I was so happy to read your post, sounds like you had the most perfect day ever! Wishing you well with the move, looking forward to seeing you again here on the Island :)

  9. What an uplifting time with your many friends. I'm so glad the day was all it needed to be.