March 24, 2016

Mother made us a Picnic ...

Good morning my Lovelies.  It's 12:45 am and I'm wide awake .... do any of you sleep through the night anymore?  With me, it seems a thing of the past.  :o)

Another story about when 'I was young'.  Sunday was definitely a day of rest.  We only did things that were fun .. absolutely no work allowed.  A typical Sunday might include a late breakfast, and/or going to church ... always dressed up in dresses and hats.  After church I could change my cloths into something less formal if I wished and we would be off in the country for a long drive and a picnic.  Mama would make coffee in the plaid set of thermos, bread (home made), butter (home made), fried chicken (home grown), kept hot by wrapping it in layers of newspaper, blankets and keeping it in the trunk.  There would be salad and a pie or cake for dessert.  We would wind our way through unfamiliar country road, while Papa would, from time to time, stop in someones yard for a quick chat.  I later found out these days were actually road inspections.  Papa inspecting his political realm and taking care of complaints and concerns regarding the roads in his constituency.  (hmmmm .... sounds a little like work to me ... but who knew! :o) 
When everything was taken care of, we would find a lovely spot in the woods, or near a stream, for a picnic. It was always a lovely, joyful, relaxed afternoon and I have many happy memories of our little family.  The painting I am sharing today is named "Mother made us a Picnic", and since we were always in the country near or in trees, I am linking it to Art Journal Journey.  Toller loved this painting and purchased it from me.  It hung in his dining room.  
  The Clydesdale in the painting represents my Grandfather who raised these beautiful animals, broke them, and sold them as teams to work in the fields.

Do hope you are enjoying your day.  Thanks so much for stopping by ... always love seeing you here.

"Among the delights of Summer were picnics to the woods."
Author: Georg Brandes


  1. Another wonderful painting today, and really one of my faves, they all look so happy at their picnic. Glad the painting returned to you! Thank for joining us at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. A wonderful posts with memories I share of the Sunday rides out and the plaid Thermos flasks.

    The painting is wonderful with the bold colours and images and the love in every brush stroke

    Have a great day

    Chrissie xx

  3. What a great way to show your memory. I love this piece also. What a beautiful family you were! Happy Day-hugs-Erika

  4. What a fantastic painting Donna ! What a piece of personal memories as well! I am really happy you linked it to the AJJ collection!
    Thank you!


  5. I love your tales of your childhood - we too used to take our picnics into the countryside - you have created a wonderful painting for AJJ! Something else in common-both my Grandfather and my Great Grandfather used to work with Shirehorses. Have a great Easter weekend! Chrisx

  6. A truly lovely painting. And I can almost imagine how good that car trunk smelled when you opened it- mouthwatering fried chicken.

  7. Hi Donna, glad things are moving along and sorry you can't sleep. I, too, have that problem. Thanks for uploading this painting again. I had guessed when I first saw it that it was of your family but didn't actually know that until now. For some reason the faces reminded me of photos you shared of your parents; a lovely painting with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing again with the details.