March 14, 2016

Oh What a Day it Was!!

Good Morning my lovelies.  Another day to design and choose happiness.  How very fortunate we are!

Good news on all fronts. Traveled to Port Angeles - had a lovely dinner out on Saturday.  Mario rolled in about 10:00 pm and even though exhausted, we had a celebratory drink together and discussed what would happen the next day clearing customs etc.  Very comforting.

Sunday, we were up at 5:00 am - had coffee with Mario and waited for the Ferry.  Cleared US customs, had breakfast on the Ferry and headed for Victoria.  Seas were high which made the trip interesting!  I accompanied Mario in the truck, we went through the first customs process, and were asked to pull over to the side and go into the customs office. Filled out forms, spoke with a very lovely lady, and were eventually cleared to proceed.  Didn't even have to open the truck!  Bliss!

On the way up from Mexico, Luis had a last minute job to do in Seattle, so Mario arrived alone.  Thus, Ray worked hard with Mario to unload the trailor.  Some of it is here at the house where I can sort it - the rest went to storage.  I will sort bit by bit over the next few weeks with a view of getting my studio in workable order.  

A bit of relaxation before the boys showered and we all went out for a great dinner and lots of laughs.  Thoroughly enjoyable day -- however I must say even I was exhausted just directing the traffic of where things should go.

 Selfie .. on the way to Port Angeles.

 Return trip with Mario.

 The Boys hit it off and couldn't stop talking.

 Probably my last Mexican cowboy hat!

 Unloading the trailer.  Cold, Wet, Pouring Rain.  The Boys were soaked to the skin.

Thirty four feet - packed to the rafters.

 Cleaning up
Terminado1  YEAH!

Let's celebrate!

Cannot thank you enough, Mario

Perhaps a lazy day today - although I can never tell.  There are boxes which will tempt me in the studio -- and once I have a peek - I might just get motivated.

Thanks for stopping by.  LOVE your comments .. so thoughtful and kind.  Have a wonderful day, each and every one of you.  Enjoy the moments .. one at a time.  

“A dreamer must be discovered working or working on it or it is reduced to a wish.”
~ Johnnie Dent Jr.


  1. You are fun, Donna, tremendous fun, even in rough seas.

  2. Phew- I'm tired just reading all that you packed in the day! There were certainly a lot of moving parts. How wonderful that you are on this end now, reversing the packing and preparing to settle in.

  3. So glad everything went so well Donna, and you lucky hing, surrounded by gorgeous hunks of men, what a day! Now have a rest, you deserve it, BIG hugs, Valerie

  4. So happy for you Donna! I knew that all would go well!

    oxo Susi

  5. All sounds wonderful Donna and now you can enjoy it all

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Yahoo- sounds like it was a relatively smooth affair. Glad you have your things, now you have all the work of really moving in. Don't work too hard. :) Erika