March 17, 2016

Once upon a time .....

... not so very long ago, I had a home in Mexico.  The memories are fresh and clear.  As I perused the land I had just purchased, my home built itself in my mind.  Piece by piece, the entire building came together quickly and perfectly.  My architect stood beside me.  "I'll have a couple of plans for you in a few days."  "No, I retorted.  I will have the design to you tomorrow."

And so it began.  The excitement, the exhilaration, the sheer pleasure of seeing "Quinta de la Luz" (House of the Light) appear from thoughts and dreams in my mind, to reality in front of my eyes.  I was warned the back third of the property, which dropped straight down about three feet could be an issue.  I envisioned a curved staircase leading to a lush sunken garden, complete with fountain to sooth my soul, and the beautiful bottle brush tree I had purchased an extra meter of land to acquire.  This tree was home to my beloved Mourning Doves for six years.  They mate for life.  Every year, much to my delight they returned to raise their families.  At night the fountain would light up as would the tree.  Plants, fruit trees and flowers would adorn and thrive.  Mosaic sun, moon and star would be laid in the brick to represent the Universe.  I could see it all.
There would be three outdoor terraces.  One covered with an overhead fan, for entertaining in the shade away from the heat of the day.  The choice to live in Mexico, meant at lot of time outdoors.  I wanted lots of outdoor space.  I wanted a certain flow ... it was all there in my mind.
A large studio on the second floor, complete with fireplace, kitchenette, ensuite, bedroom and covered terrace appeared in my imagination.  I felt if I ever sold the house (which I absolutely knew I would never do) the second floor would make a magnificent master suite.  

I fell in love with the home I once had in Mexico -- together we had a love affair full of friends, soirees, lunches, dinners, poetry readings, nicho parties, play days, music and dancing.  

I painted my heart out. Couldn't leave my easel.  When my Goddess series was completed, I met Toller Cranston which opened up a whole new world of people, many of whom I became close to.  Toller invited me to paint with him.  We ended up in his studio for two years.  He became a collector of my work.  Toller became my friend, my mentor, my oak tree.  He made the transition to the other side, suddenly and very unexpectedly.  I miss him.

The home I had in Mexico, not so long ago, is gone now.  She belongs to another happy artist.  I sit in Vancouver airport waiting for a flight to 'The Island' - to my new beginnings, where I don't belong.

I belonged to Mexico and Mexico belonged to me.  The relationship was a deep one.  The friends I made touched my heart.  They changed me and I will never be the same.  

It was a magical, mystical, horrendous, horrifying time of huge growth.  What did I learn?  I'm still working it out.  I know it is deep and real.  I know it  changed me in ways I'm not yet certain of.  I shall miss you, Mexico.  You shall always be held deep in my heart.

Once I had a love affair with a culture I shall never forget.  Once, not so very long ago,  I had a home in Mexico.

Thanks for stopping by, my Lovelies.  Enjoy your day and each moment in it.

“It was strange how you didn’t realize how much you loved a place until you had lost it completely.”
- Kameron Hurley, Rapture


  1. Yes, it's hard to have to give up something so beautiful as the house in San Miguel, but you have lots of wonderful memories. I am sure you will make your new nest in Canada beautiful too. Hugs, Valerie

  2. It is ok for you to feel so deeply after you poured your heart into your beloved Mexican home. We can allow ourselves a time of mourning at the loss of a beloved home, but that does not mean you can never belong elsewhere. I am intrigued to see which Goddess will adopt you in the colder north, and how she will encourage your paintings. You will not be seen as "disloyal" by one Goddess for enjoying the company of another :D BLessed Be XXX

  3. A sad and happy post all at the same time. An artist of your quality will make anywhere special I'm sure. Maybe you could bring Mexico into your new home. Certainly you will make new friends :)

    Hugs Chrissie xx

  4. Nostalgic and wistful- your beautiful home in Mexico. Now stepping into your next phase which will have gifts of its own.

  5. Very moving, Donna. I would feel the same if I ever had to leave Greece.

  6. Beautiful and very moving dear Donna.
    Thank you for sharing as you embark on the newest chapter of your colorful and special life ♥

  7. Beautifully written and a story so touching to all of our hearts. You had doubts when you started the process and succeeded to solve every road block along the way. Now you have the opportunity to prove to yourself again how you you can be happy with a beautiful home in Canada, renewing acquaintances and making new friends.

  8. I'm so glad you are writing this all out, Donna. The very best way to handle loss, I am convinced. And, yes, it is a huge loss. Loss of hopes, dreams, memories, friends, all of it. So much of what life is all about, especially as we get older. But I think I know you well enough to say that you will not let this get you down indefinitely. When the time is right, you will be ready to rise up and create again. To cherish your memories while moving into the next chapter. Good things await you if you are open to them and I know you will be!! xox Patty

  9. hat a beautiful story and a beautiful home too. I know you must miss it, but hopefully your memories will keep you happy and your new life back in Canada will be as good, if not better. :)

  10. This is the post that stopped me in my boots. I still don't know what to say other than I feel a stab in my heart - how could I not.
    sandy xx

  11. It was wonderful to follow your journey in Mexico for so many years and now I shall see you start a new one in Vancouver. Memories are what life is all about and I'm sure you are back home to create more wonderful ones