March 19, 2016

Self Storage ...

My Lovelies!  Hope all is well today and you are happy.

Unpacking in a small space can be a challenge.  To help solve that dilemma, I rented a self storage unit and am using the studio as a staging area.  Bring a few boxes here, unpack them, get rid of the garbage, go back for more, etc.  It's working quite well, and I don't have to live in constant chaos.  

In the long run, however, my studio is not large enough to hold all my supplies.  Self storage over time is expensive.  The answer is to build a shed here close to the house.  Last night Ray removed the old shed (too small) and put down the initial layer of tarp and gravel.  It's a big job, actually, because a strong foundation has to be built first.  I simply sit on a bench and cheer him on, cook and feed him, while he does all the hard labour.  Feeling useless actually, however the chronic pain will not allow me to help.  It will be a little while before it's completed - then I can bring lots of boxes over here and eventually organize storage in totes etc. in the shed itself.  

Four loads of gravel all wheel barrowed to the back of the property.

 Time to pose with a smile ....

 Back to 'high speed'

 Dumping another load.

It will be a nice size and fun to organize.

That's it for today.  Progress is being made.  Thanks for dropping by.  Always appreciate your lovely comments.

“The reasonable woman adapts herself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to herself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable woman.”
~ George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman


  1. Sending warm thoughts and new energy to your Superhero "Shed Man" :D XXX

  2. I'll say it again, your Ray is a walking wonder! Great idea with the shed, and gut that you have such a wonderful help, you lucky girl! Keep taking it easy, bit by bit, and sooner or later it will be done. BIG hugs, Valerie

  3. Fab that he has a new project - I think that is what he needs -lol!
    Great idea with the shed! Wow!

    Good luck and power for Mr. Ray!


  4. Wow....lucky you to have Ray.....he does it all. This will be so handy for you to have right at your home to store all those goodies. Hope you have a great week.

  5. What would you do without Ray? He is taking good care of you. And I think a shed at home is a really good idea. Happy unpacking. Hugs! Erika

  6. What a friend you have Donna!!!! Ray is going to be sorry when it is all done. I think he enjoys your company and helping you. You must be an awful good cook! I know I have not been around - am planning to write.
    sandy xx