June 10, 2016

Maps, Glorious Maps ....

Hello My Lovelies.  Where have I been???  Good question.  I'm not even sure of the answer.  Seeing lots of Dr.'s so hopefully one of these days I will get my energy back and feel 'normal' again.  ha ha Yes, you may have a chuckle at that one ... not sure normal is in my range of consciousness.

At any rate - back to maps.  I have always loved them.  Having a huge high end atlas has indeed always been a delight for me. I can spend literally hours just looking and dreaming.  Reading road maps, however, is not one of my fortes.  I remember one time while on a lovely road trip holiday being criticized for my map reading.  "You read it then.", I retorted as I threw the map out the window while attempting to navigate one of the larger clover leaf, over/under thingies in LA.  Has been a good source of entertainment ever since.

The piece here today is about my ancestors.  It's in a collage book I made about some of my heritage.
The map behind the car depicts the drive these women took from Omaha, Nebraska to Alberta in Canada.  In those days it would have been harsh and wild I'm sure.  I especially love the old car in this photograph.  From left to right, Aunt Martha, my paternal granny's sister, her mother, (my great grandmother) and the next person -- I don't have a clue.  She would have been one of the cousins from the States.  My great grandmother immigrated from Ireland during the potato famine.  She was a babe in arms and they smuggled her aboard the boat as she had small pox.  Obviously, she survived the ordeal, however my Mama said her face was very scared from the pox.
Hope you enjoy.  I'm linking it to Art Journal Journey where, of course, the theme is maps.
Thanks so very much for dropping by.  I haven't been to see any of you in such a long time.  I will indeed attempt to rectify that situation in the next while.  

“The entire road trip could be summed up as one giant attempt to keep from crashing the car during fits of rage and fits of hysteria.”
~Kari Martindale


  1. Wonderful page Donna, really gorgeous. And thanks so much for joining us again at AJJ, much appreciated! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous page. I love when old photos are put on journal spreads, because they really add so much life to them. What a trip it must have been and wow- it must have been quite a wild adventure. Woman didn't do that all so much I don't believe either, so they were almost pioneers. Glad you shared the story. :) Erika

  3. What a fabulous story and pages to it! Thank you so much for sharing Donna and super that you found time and muse to be with us at Art Journal Journey again!Always super to have you with us!
    Happy weekend Sweetie!
    oxo Susi

  4. So pleased to see you again Donna. You have been so busy it is no wonder you have lost energy. The map pages are wonderful with lots of special content as always.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Wonderful Sugar - I love that photo - and those ladies oh my. They are so stylish to say the least - well I should add adventurous!! Isn't that car fabulous - would love to have one of those babies. I love the stamps too! A half of a penny?
    You know you are in my thoughts kid - eat well!!!!!
    sandy xx

  6. Lovely to "see" you again dear Donna!
    Beautiful pages with extra special meaning and connections.
    I can relate to your quote too ♥
    Take care and happy beginning of the weekend

  7. Good to see you here again and read your post, thank you for sharing some of your families memories. Its a fantastic page.
    Take care

  8. Beautiful! I love the design and the personal story it tells. Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. I love your journal page and that you have posted again - I missed your beautiful work.

  10. What a wonderful story..and to have a photo too...awesome :D XXX

  11. All of a sudden I see that I missed several of your posts- the ones with these wonderful journal pages. The photo of the female ancestors and the car is a treasure, and your spread tells quite a story. Adventuresome indeed.

  12. Lovely journal page and a lovely story. I particularly like the car, the women and the stamps.

  13. AMAZING art journal pages! Love that it tells the story of your ancestry! And the incorporation of stamps is wonderful, too!