June 15, 2016

The Keeper of Dreams

My Lovelies!  How divine to see you here.  Welcome.  Please stay and enjoy.

Unpacking is a true adventure.  Boxes marked art supplies, contain shoes.  I have found bottoms of lamps, no top in site.  Knives - but wait - where are the forks and spoons?
I did stumbled across some old journal pages - one of which I would like to share with you today.  It's a most interesting page in as much as everything I wrote came to fruition.  I often receive messages in my head from what I call 'the Universe' .. the beginning of this page was one of them.  It was interesting to find these writings of my dreams as by the beginning of 2013 I had finished my Goddess Series.  In February of that year I was invited to do my first art exhibition in San Miguel.  About the same time, I met Toller Cranston.  He became a dear friend, a mentor, my oak tree in so many ways.  I was invited to paint with him ... he collected my work, and I was totally shattered by his untimely dealth two years later.  That same year I was accepted by a prestigious, very old well established Gallery in SMA and was permanently represented by them.  After that things snowballed.  Four exhibitions followed and many press releases.  

I looked back at the message and how I responded.  I am a little stunned as I have not practiced this for some time.  I need to do it again - here in Canada - here at another new beginning in my life.

Thanks so much for dropping in.  So enjoy reading your comments and visiting your very creative blogs.
 "Stop trying, stop struggling, begin to be calm, to trust the higher laws of life, even though you don't see them, they are still there."  Ernest Holmes


  1. Wonderful journal pages Donna, and I love that painting.It's a great idea to formulate your new aims and dreams for this new beginning in Canada, and you will succeed. Hugs, Valerie

  2. So beautiful both the artwork and the idea.

    Still lots do by the sound of things but fun along the way as well I imagine

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Donna, your journal pages are so beautiful and your handwriting exquisite. We all need to dream and when our dreams come to fruition, it is magical. You are moving forward and eliminating packed boxes. We all like surprises. What's in the next box?

  4. Hey Sugar - I have always enjoyed your art - it is no surprise to me that you are such a success. Hold that in your heart and continue on!
    sandy xx

  5. Your post today was a bright spot in my day....it is giving me hope that what I have put out there will become a reality too. Thanks for sharing your dreams and there is more for you in Canada as there was in Mexico.

  6. Beautiful journal pages and so much achieved. I hope the dream and aims continue for you in your new home.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Yep...the universe will always provide what we need...even if we don't understand why we need it :D XXX

  8. Great journal spread. And how exciting. I find when I put away some art supplies, don't use them for awhile, and then take them out, its even better than Christmas. Rediscovering them is so exciting. Enjoy, and how everything is unpacked and back to being used soon. Hugs-Erika